M&A and Commercial litigation and Transactions

The Firm provides assistance on all kinds of corporate and commercial transactions, including mergers and restructurings, and represents M&A participants in virtually all capacities.

We advise clients on all aspects of general corporate and commercial law, including contract drafting, company formations, assistance to company boards in fulfilling corporate governance duties and in relation to shareholders’ meetings and administrative and controlling entities.
We also advise on the organization and structuring of corporate transactions, including coordinating and conducting legal due diligence investigations, and drafting and revising agreements and shareholders’ pacts.
The Firm has been involved to advise on shareholders’ controversies and claims, and on actions and proceedings against managers and directors.

Our litigation team has significant experience in a wide variety of dispute resolution methods, with all kinds of ordinary and special procedures as per the Italian civil code and the laws governing single areas, as well as in assisting clients in every aspect of litigation management in Italy as well as in Europe, from pre-trial phases to forced execution of judgments obtained, and in every phase and type of negotiation and settlement.
With specific reference to commercial credit enforcement, we rely on the newly developed system of digital filing of documentation in order to seek Court injunctions in a very short period of time.

The Firm has developed extensive expertise in labor issues triggered by corporate restructuring and reorganization deals. We counsel our clients on Italian employment and labor law, social security law, relations with trade unions and related litigation.

Administrative law, Real Estate, Town Planning, Public procurement law, Environmental law

The experience developed by some of our lawyers in leading international law Firms, allows our clients to rely on specialized and skilled professionals capable of providing timely support and ensuring the highest standards of diligence and expertise to domestic and foreign companies and investment funds.

Our professionals render assistance and consulting services in the following major areas:

  • Public bidding procedures, licenses and public services and utilities;
  • Expropriation procedures, land use management, town planning and construction;
  • Development of real estate assets (in particular commercial shopping malls);
  • Public works</strong>, infrastructures and project financing;
  • Environmental compliance and regulations, energy and renewable sources;
  • Setup and operation of commercial parks;
  • Localization of manufacturing and logistic sites;
  • Port and airport services and public transportation regulations (rail, air, road);
  • Health and pharmaceutical industry regulations;
  • Independent authorities and regulatory law;

Services range from advice on administrative procedures to defense before administrative courts (Regional Administrative Court and Council of State) and arbitration panels.

Data Protection/Privacy Law

While many companies have been experiencing difficulties in the last few years figuring out what they need in the privacy area, the Firm has developed an extensive expertise in the field of data protection and privacy law, focusing on how best to educate clients and lead them into knowing what privacy policies they should have in place with the most appropriate legal documents.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility – Decree n.231/2001)

Legislative Decree no. 231/01, in the event of commission of crimes referred to by the same decree, which are committed in favour of the Company by its directors and/or employees, provides for the additional liability of the company itself, besides that of those individuals, directors and/or employees, who materially committed the crime.

The Firm has been active in advising clients on how best implement legal models in order to protect not only the business of the company but also the people involved in its management.

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